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About IOS

The First Note
IOS became a reality in late 2009.  Owners Jacob and Sarah envisioned offering more than a one-size-fits all, curriculum-only-approach to teaching music, which for some is uninspiring. What began as a fun personal vision has grown into an empowering force in the community that isn't slowing down.
Finding Harmony
After four years in a cramped four-room-studio just a few doors down from IOS’ current location, it became apparent that IOS would need to acquire more space, especially since they were recording more projects and adding new students every week.  IOS reached the conclusion that six teachers limited to just four small rooms would not suffice.  In September of 2014, IOS was able to design a space that more than tripled the size of the last studio in addition to giving IOS a much more inviting atmosphere.  The number of teaching rooms doubled, a band room and several offices were added, and a space entirely devoted to recording-studios was constructed.

The Sounds of Music
IOS currently has over 200 students and 13 staff.  They’ve expanded their experience greatly having taken advantage of opportunities to become involved in uncharted waters, including occasional theater and art opportunities.  IOS also had the privilege of joining the Farmington Chamber of Commerce in April of 2015.  IOS is continuing to expand, purposed to be the advocate for each artist that walks through our door, and has been recognized as "Best Music Lessons in NWA" multiple times.
The True Meaning of Learning to Play by Ear
After graduating from the University of Arkansas in 2007 with a Psychology Degree, Jacob Paul worked in mental health, specifically with kids who were experiencing social and emotional struggles.  Although it was very rewarding, Jacob had the desire to spend more time teaching guitar, piano, bass, and mandolin, and via word of mouth he was able to establish that desire as a part-time gig.  Desiring to help children and adults develop a life skill of music, Jacob was soon convinced that teaching music was an excellent way to build relationships and mentor youth and be a positive influence in their lives.  
After some impulsive dreaming and not near enough research nor planning, Jacob left his full-time job, having just 12 students, intent on pursuing the studio life full-time.  He loaded his truck up with seven stools and a couple guitars that he purchased with his credit card, and a couch and piano that he bought on Craigslist, and began his adventure.  Jacob and Sarah diligently devote themselves to Inside Out Studios, creating what is certainly a unique and special place. 
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