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Lessons/Artist Development

Artist Development

Our number one goal for all of the artists we work with is "Artist Development." While we may focus on on one or two instruments at a time, long term, we are striving to bring forward the whole artist, whatever that may uniquely look like. Sometimes that means song writing, other times it's a focus on performance or even recording. 


Vocal Coaching

Our singing students’ interests range from theatrical performance and opera, to country, pop, and rock.  Our vocal coaches are right in stride with their students, experienced, able, and passionately desiring to see each of their students reach their full potential.



Many of our students eventually take advantage of recording time in the studio. Whether that's an on-going thing, or simply recording an original song or to karaoke tracks. Over the years, many artists have incredible original songs or full projects that have made their way to iTunes, Spotify and the rest.



Many of our teachers are accomplished and experienced song-writers. As artists ourselves, we want to be creative as well. It's a thrill to work with our students and young artists to help them flesh out their thoughts and experiences into incredible songs.


The piano is one of the most common and versatile instruments.  It is a fantastic instrument to start on, whether one is playing by ear or reading music, and its great foundation allows an easy transition to learning other instruments later.  Our teachers are versatile in their teaching methods and can grow with their students as their interests and musical pallets change.  The majority of IOS’ youngest students begin by going through beginning piano books, and then adding, or transitioning into, learning chord groups and playing their favorite songs either by ear or by building on reading music.



IOS’ main focus for their guitar students is to help them to learn the skill of playing by ear.  This includes a strong focus on applicable music theory, chord groups, and creativity.  Because every student is different, interests and goals vary from student to student.  There isn’t a genre that IOS doesn’t teach.



Our violin instructor, Emile, has been playing violin ever since he was strong enough to hold one up.  His wide range of experience allows him to teach his students various playing and learning styles.



We have great drumming instructors who are well-experienced and able to help students with styles such as rock, jazz, pop, country, snare for school band, and more. 


Additional Instruments

Bass, Mandolin, and Ukelele. 

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