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Teaching Methods

Experience the Inside Out Difference!

Traditional Music Lessons

While IOS’ primary focus is on cultivating the ability to play by ear, many of our students will begin their learning at IOS with a strong foundation in reading music.  Our teachers develop custom plans based on the student’s interests, age, ability, and goals.  IOS doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching.  Passing one of our teaching rooms, you may hear anything from “Old MacDonald”, to the “Star Wars” theme, to a recent pop or worship song.


The Art of Playing by Ear

Learning to play by ear can be one of the most rewarding life skills that a person can develop.  At IOS, there's much more to it than just learning a few chords.  There is a lot of music theory, a lot of understanding chord groups and keys, a lot of studying and mimicking other artists, as well as learning to be creative and expressive.  Like learning any new skill, making mistakes is a big part of the learning process.  IOS is proud to provide an environment in which students can learn from their immediate mistakes and continue forward.  It is IOS’ desire to maintain a therapeutic atmosphere in which each artist can reach their full potential.


The Custom Artist Development Approach

One feature that makes IOS special is the range of development opportunities we can provide.  Often, there isn’t a single time in which any one of IOS’ over 200 students is learning the same thing.  While most of IOS’ students are school-aged, we have students and recording artists of all ages and backgrounds.  It's NEVER too late!

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