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Additional Local Services

Piano Tuning

Josh Hall has been professionally tuning pianos around NWA for many years, with many repeat clients. 

Josh is not only a fantastic musician, he's also an incredible magician when it comes to his work on instruments (including stringed instruments). Your piano will never have sounded so amazing.

Let him know you found him on our website!


Call Josh directly at

The Golden Music Co.


Guitar Setup

It's no fun fighting an instrument with old strings, and strings too high off the neck. Let's get it set up to play at it's potential. We'll change the strings, set the action (proper string height), and most of the time can also replace parts when needed (plus parts if needed).


Acoustic guitar: includes Elixer Polyweb light strings ($15 value):


Electric Guitar: includes GHS Boomer 10 guage strings ($5 value):


intonation service, add $25

Live Music

Owner Jacob Paul performs weddings and private or public events regularly. Looking to create a unique atmosphere for your special occasion?

Need a full band or wanting something other than a solo performance? We can do that too. 

From something classical, to chill acoustic, to blues, country, or rock. We can do it!

We also have other musicians and artists at the studio that can do other things including violin, classical or gospel piano, etc.


Prices start at $400

Jingle Production

We've made jingles for businesses all around the country! From the mid-west to the east coast. 

If you want an audible brand that will create an emotional response from your potential customer to your brand & product, we can do it - in any style of music, and any length you need, whether you need something for radio, tv, internet (YouTube), or a website, etc.

All music is unique and special to your brand and the emotion you want to project to your customer. You will stand out in the market with a jingle from IOS.

Starting at $750

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