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Recording & Producing

Emily Nance's newest project includes this single, Stay/Go, which won, "Best Music Video" at the Atlanta Film Festival, and has also been featured at multiple film festivals. You can find more of her tunes on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and the rest.

We are blessed to work with some incredible artists, both in Northwest Arkansas, and beyond.  IOS has provided services for bands and artists of various genres.  Our well-experienced producers, accomplished songwriters, and devoted vocal coaches can help you take your music to the next level.


Our number one focus has been working with solo artists and singer/songwriters - through the writing, composing, and production phases.   

All songs here on the site, as you can see, are completely original compositions. 

- pure - creative - energy -

Tell us about yourself and your project, and watch your vision and dream come to life. Whether it's rap, rock, pop, country, orchestra, podcasts and voice work - we've done it all, and can't wait to hear from you!

Gracelynn MiRai's single - "Dayz Like This." Check out more of her music on Spotify and the rest.

For more information on VC Worship, visit

Karissa Hobbs’ “Age of Flowers”

Age of Flowers is Karissa's full-length debut album.  It features “Tales of Lovers”, “Friendship”, “Hearts on the Mend”, and “Romantic Folly”.  The sound of meandering strings and warm vocals overlay threads of Americana and Folk to carry the listener through each song.

Jacob Paul’s “Better This Way” EP, available on, Spotify, iTunes, and more.

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Alana Damron's second project from IOS, here is her new single - "Runaway Outlaw."

Georgia Brown’s “Out of this World” EP

This Bentonville, Ar native, age 18, has now recorded and released three projects from Inside Out Studios.  Georgia's music has a strong, soulful, independent attitude.  She is an incredible artist from from piano to entertaining to singing.

Kimberly Faith's musical creative ideas range from pop to country to Celtic folk and everywhere in-between. For more information about Kim, her music and her ministry, visit:

For more information on beat making, hip-hop, rap genres and more cool creative projects and products, visit AJ's site here, or contact him directly:

(479) 684-6653

Emily Nance’s “So Contagious”

Enjoy this single and music video, both produced by Inside Out Studios.  Special thanks to the Chancellor Hotel, Arsaga's, and Fayettechill. 

Alana Damron’s “The Making of MissAlaneous”

“The Making of MissAlaneous” is Alana's first full length album debut.  Its hints and inspirations of Americana, Folk, Gospel, and Traditional Country will leave you captivated and inspired.

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