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Our teachers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and the common thread is how passionate we are about what we do.

The Crew

Jacob P.

Owner, Recording & Producing, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Mandolin, Ukelele, Songwriting

Jacob has a Psychology degree from the U of A, as well as over 5 years experience in mental health working with youth with social and emotional delays. He has also taught music as a life skill for over 12 years and has pursued music, hours per day, for over 20 years. Jacob's passion is seeing his students acquire the same passion for music, and carry it over into applicable settings.

Sarah P.

Creative Director & Scheduling Coordinator

Sarah plays a vital role at IOS, and quite frankly, IOS would not exist without her enduring support.  She is our special events coordinator, and is passionate about making sure everyone feels at home at the studio.  Sarah also teaches beginning piano. 

Keyla R.

Vocal Coach & Beginning Piano and Guitar

Keyla has been developing her musical portfolio her entire life.  She is a well-experienced artist with 15 years of regionally performing, and 10 years of touring as an artist.  She received a full vocal scholarship to both the U of A and to Monticello.  She is an accomplished recording artist and performer in Rock, Pop, Blues, Country, R&B, and Opera.  She has been inspiring and challenging creative artists at IOS for over five years! 

Vince L.

Guitar, Recording & Producing, Artist Development

After being the lead singer and guitar player for the Christian Motorcyclist Association's youth outreach ministries for three years, Vince was signed to Advent Records (Skillet, Todd Agnew) forming Jonah 33.  After three records, seven top 10 singles in the Christian Rock Charts, touring 48 states and five countries, Vince followed his desire to assist in developing young artists at IOS.  Vince started playing piano at five years old, and guitar at 13 and has a passion incredible skill for songwriting, artist development, teaching guitar, and recording with students.    

Lisa F.

Piano & Beginning Guitar

Lisa has taught piano for over 20 years.  A local Farmington resident, she began playing at age seven.  In addition to piano, Lisa also plays guitar and ukulele.  Lisa leads and plays for the children’s choir, the 9th grade ensemble, and the lady’s ensemble of FBC Fayetteville, the church where her husband serves as lead pastor.  Her goal is to share her love of practice and performance with her students at IOS.  She is very proud of her three children who harmonize with her, if you will, when it comes to having a deep love for music. 

Emile P.


Emile has played violin for more than 60 years.  At a very young age, he was performing as a paid musician.  As an adult, he played violin and sang for 20 years in a group called “Living Waters”, recording three albums and touring regionally.  Emile has since then retired and now shares his experience with his students at IOS. 



TJ has had a long career performing as a live-stage concert and studio musician, performing multiple musical styles.  Over the years, he has played with many popular regional and national acts, including Wille Nelson, Linda Ronstadt, Rhonda Vincent (2015 Grammy nominee for Best Bluegrass Album), bluesman Jimmy Vaughn, and harmonica legend Howard Levy.


As a drummer's coach, TJ specializes in helping players of all ages develop precision timing, increased ease, fluidity, and dexterity by incorporating ideal ergonomics to eliminate unnecessary stress and strain, and how to play with greater “feel.” 

“My goal with new or young players is to help them quickly achieve the skills necessary to perform with others at a professional level, including how to structure productive practices and rehearsals for maximum progress and success, but I also work with seasoned players who want to eliminate any “bad drumming habits” that get in the way of performing at a greater, more balanced and consistent professional level. Above all, learning and playing drums should be fun!  TJ is a great asset to IOS, determined to make learning, practicing, and playing an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.”

Paul P.


Paul is an excellent pianist and IOS Piano Teacher.  He’s been playing piano for over 60 years, and has professionally performed for 30.  


Jackson K.

Drums & Guitar

Jackson is a very experienced musician, from playing live, to laying down tracks for studio projects.  He also has the skill to engineer projects.  He’s been playing the drums for 16 years, and guitar for seven.  Jackson was a Marching Snare on the Farmington High School Drumline.  Needless to say, Jackson is a fantastic drums and guitar teacher at IOS.


Joel F.

Drums, Piano, Guitar, & Bass Guitar.

Joel has been playing music for about 10 years. This well-experienced musician is also a singer in the esteemed Inspirational Chorale, and plays keyboard for the Inspirational Chorale’s gospel band.  Music has afforded Joel the opportunity to perform in places such as Memphis, Canada, Jamaica, and more.  Joel has played gospel music alongside Grammy-Award-Winning-Artists Richard Smallwood, Kathy Taylor, and others.  Not only is he a wonderful teacher at IOS, but he is the Worship Pastor of First Baptist Church in Greenland, Arkansas.  He has both the ability to play by ear, which is the primary method that he uses to play and teach his students, and the skill to read music.  


Daniel D.


Daniel found a love for music early in his life.  In fact, he and Jacob Paul have been playing music with each ever since they were about 12 years old.  Daniel has played with many bands over the years, most recently for the Radio Sky and Patterns/Waves, in addition to playing for his church, The Church at Arkansas.  He has been featured on multiple albums and projects over the years and still welcomes opportunities to perform and inspire others. 

Alex H./A.J is from Stock Island/Key West.  He has been rapping for over 20 years and producing for over 10.  He has performed his Christian rap music all over NWA and in several states.  A.J. has a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies from Grand Canyon University Online and his M.Div. in Pastoral Studies at Liberty University Theological Seminary Online.  In addition to writing and producing warmup songs for several high school sports teams; Fayetteville High School, Shiloh Christian, and more, and one for Arkansas Tech University’s Football Team, he has written and produced learning anthems for local schools and their events; Root Rockets – “Blast Off”, Fayetteville Public Schools – “Camp Invention”, and more.  Not only does he provide recording services at IOS, but he can also produce any genre of music, having over a quarter million instruments in his sound bank.  He also teaches digital production classes, songwriting classes, vocal rhythm classes, and offers several packages for artists who want to complete a full album, experience a professional photoshoot, design an album cover, shoot a music video, and more.

For more information on AJ and his products and services:

(479) 684-6653

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