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Roots Music - FREE guitar lessons

Roots Music is a program funded and brought to you by Historic Cane Hill, in the country hills of NW Arkansas. Roots Music provides guitar and folk group music lessons, specifically, for middle schoolers around the region of Cane Hill, including Lincoln and Prairie Grove for FREE. The goal of Roots is to keep folk music and it's tradition alive into the next generation. While traditionally, folk music is songs from a much earlier time in our history, folk songs are still prevalent and common today! This page is dedicated to artists (specifically, but not limited to middle schoolers in the NWA area) who want to learn guitar generally, and in the style of folk and country music. If you have always wanted to learn, or want to get back into playing, these resource videos are for you! If you are or know a middle schooler in the NW Arkansas area, we may even have a guitar for you to use, if you are willing to put the practice in - all thanks to Historic Cane Hill organization, and Roots Music. Come back often, as we will be adding 4+ videos each month through the spring of 2021, and hopefully, beyond. 

For more information about Historic Cane Hill and Roots Music, click here.

Beginning Guitar

Advanced Guitar

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